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Your Building Guide

So your looking at building a new home in Palmerston North and have found a company that's well known nation wide and your happy to go ahead with one of their plans....


Have you given any thought to using a local builder?

Have you given any thoughts to designing your own unique home?

Have you considered just how important you really are to this big company?


There are a few mis-conceptions around building with a local builder, here's a quick article to stamp out some of the myths surrounding building your new home.



Local builders are expensive!...Wrong!


As new home builders we appreciate price is an important factor to you when committing to building your new home. Home owners commonly think that they are getting a cheap deal when they see the initial price given to them by a large group home builder. . As the consolation process goes on and changes are made and options are chosen, the price starts creeping up.

Furthermore once the building is underway, any changes made are can often be unfairly priced.

It is important to remember that large group home builders generally have large franchise fees and operation overheads to cover.

A good local builder should be able to offer you a competitive price.


If I use a local builder I have to pay more for plans and design work!....Wrong!


 You can be ensured that you will be paying for plans, designs and council fees no matter what type of building company you use. Large group home builders have these costs built into their price. Every new home requires a separate set of plans and design to suit its location and site. 

That being said, perhaps looking at designing something unique from scratch might not be such a bad option and certainly in most cases (if you have a helpful builder) no more expensive than choosing a stock plan. 

Supreme Build offer both services so weather you know exactly what you want or you have no idea where to start we have you covered. Click here view Our Plans and design service.


Large companies offer the best service!....Not necessarily...


Lets set something straight. We're not trying to say large group home builders are bad news. We're just pointing out that a good local builder can potentially offer a better building experience.

While larger national companies can offer good service and communication its often automated and systematic. With some companies building up to 50 houses in your local area at once and hundreds a year are you really being considered as a highly important client? or just another number?

A good local builder will work hard to gain your business and they will dedicate themselves to you to deliver an exceptional, personal building experience to ensure you tell your family and friends or come back to do it all over again.


Heres alist of some great local Palmersotn North Builders:














There's bad apples in every basket, however like many things a little research can go along way when building your new home. 

So before you settle with a large national group builder ask your yourself, will I get the best building experience with this company? or can I/ will I get better by supporting local? Ask around !

At Supreme Build we like to take an upfront and honest approach to gain trust with our clients. If your building a New Home in Palmerston North click here to discuss your options





Disclaimer: This article is offered as a general guide only. The views and information expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of any agency in New Zealand. Any person who relies upon any matter contained in this guide does so entirely at their own risk.